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Professional Denture Services and Quality Products in Lethbridge

Denture Services

If you are looking for reliable denture services in Lethbridge, we are here for you. Hosack Denture Clinic has been serving the southern Alberta communities with quality denture solutions for over the past 30+ years now. We provide complete and partial denture services in Lethbridge. Referrals are not necessary when you visit us at our clinic for any service. We offer a complimentary consultation and our office staff will be happy to help you file your insurance claim forms. You can also explore our direct billing options for a stress-free experience.

What We Offer

Our denture services include:

  • Dentures on implants

  • Dentures on implants in a day

  • Conventional dentures

  • Immediate dentures

  • Equilibrated dentures

  • Denture repairs

  • Relines

  • Professional ultrasonic cleaning

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Complete Dentures

Dentures are fabricated with a wide variety of composite materials. The different types of teeth used to make dentures, each provide varying shades, levels of luster, transparency, and hardness. Standard dentures are considered to be the most basic of dentures, and are less precise than either the precision denture or equilibrated denture. Standard dentures use basic tooth shapes, shades, and materials, with fewer measurements taken, and often do not appear as natural as precision dentures. They are designed for patients looking to choose from limited standardized tooth shapes and shades. While standard dentures may be less costly in the short term, the teeth used are slightly softer and wear down at a faster rate than a precision denture or equilibrated teeth, stain more easily, and require more adjustments after completion. Even though standard dentures are made to fit and function acceptably they are made using physiological averages and not as customized as the precision and equilibrated denture options, and as a result, the comfort level for many patients is often poor. The price of a standard denture will often reflect the amount of work and craftsmanship applied to the denture. When comparing prices be sure to know what you are receiving in the product, services, and aftercare.

Precision Dentures

Precision dentures are high-quality dentures made using materials that are stronger and more wear-resistant than those used for standard dentures. In contrast to being limited to the predetermined tooth shapes and shades of standard dentures, precision dentures offer a wide variety of tooth shapes and shades, as well as higher quality teeth that allow for improved esthetics, comfort, function, and fit. 


Precision dentures are designed to work with your jaw, allowing for more natural motion and fit than standard dentures provide. Additional extensive and precise measurements of your jaw and face not used in the standard denture will be taken to ensure an exact fit. In making a precision denture, the denturist uses a tracing unit to establish the vertical dimension (combined upper and lower distance). When you move your jaw, the centric relationship is traced with this device. The centric relationship is transferred to a semi-adjustable articulator which allows sideways and forward movements of the jaw. Although it’s important for us to ensure the precision dentures have an optimal fit, it’s equally important that they work well with your smile, face shape, skin tone, and eye colour. It is because of the additional effort, measurements, and extra attention to detail we are able to create dentures that suit not only your mouth but facial features as well. Precision dentures look much more natural than standard dentures and are designed to precisely replicate your mouth’s natural shape and smile. 


Precision dentures also tend to be more comfortable and make chewing easier. Since they are made with higher quality materials, they are stronger and don't wear down at the same rate as standard dentures, or stain as easily.

Equilibrated Dentures

Equilibrated dentures are the more technically advanced dentures than either standard or precision dentures and involve more precise measurements. They are constructed through the use of specialized training, equipment and techniques to obtain the most accurate and precise jaw record which is unique to each person, using the industry’s highest quality materials and teeth with careful attention to face shape, skin tone, and eye colour. They are constructed using the most advanced materials and made with the most precise advanced construction techniques. Equilibrated dentures are a step up from precision dentures.  

Immediate or Surgical Dentures

To avoid the situation of being without teeth when having full or partial mouth extractions, we offer Immediate/Surgical Dentures. In this instance, we take impressions of your mouth while your natural teeth are still in place. From these impressions, we fabricate a denture in the best possible likeness of your natural teeth. Since the denturist is unable to insert the denture prior to having your teeth extracted, certain aesthetic compromises may be necessary. This doesn’t present any significant problems and the results are normally very good. The fabricated denture is then inserted “immediately” following the extraction of your teeth. This method is beneficial in two ways; it avoids the embarrassment of being without any teeth during the healing process, and it acts as a band-aid for the gums to help contain the level of swelling post-surgery. As healing occurs, the oral tissue swelling naturally recedes so denture adjustments may be required. Follow up appointments with our denturist are necessary. To maintain the best fit and comfort while the gums are still healing, a temporary liner called a tissue conditioner may be placed in the denture. During the next few months, bone and gum tissue will continue to shrink to some degree, however, the rate of change decreases with time and everyone heals at their own rate. This is a natural occurrence and is to be expected. After the healing process is complete, approximately 3-6 months after extractions, a new permanent reline will be required to ensure the most comfortable fit possible.  This whole process, from extractions to final reline, takes approximately six months.


It is especially important to follow our post-operative instructions and those of your dentist.


Contact us today to see if an immediate denture is a right option for you.

Removable Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures are designed to replace the empty spaces or gaps between remaining natural teeth with natural-looking artificial teeth that blend in seamlessly with your own. After losing one or more teeth, your remaining natural teeth start moving or “drifting” into the adjacent empty spaces. Partial dentures not only fill these empty spaces between teeth but also prevents other teeth from drifting. 


Partial dentures restore the aesthetics of your mouth.  They improve and restore speech function and the ability to eat. Metal or clear clasps are used to hold a partial denture in position. They secure the denture by clipping on to nearby natural teeth.


Partial dentures can be crafted with metal or plastic frames, or a combination of the two. The type of partial denture best suited for you is dependent on your dental situation. Overall, metal frameworks are the more common choice as they are more hygienic and durable than their acrylic counterparts.


When one or more natural teeth remain, partial dentures are a great, natural-looking option by maintaining the natural shape of your mouth so you can smile with confidence again.

Why a Partial is Essential




A partial denture is a dental appliance that replaces one or more missing natural teeth. The replacement artificial teeth are connected with acrylic to a metal frame which is attached to the natural teeth with clasps. Before having a partial denture made, it is very important to have the remaining natural teeth checked and x-rayed by a dentist to ensure that they are healthy and stable enough to support the attachment clasps of a partial denture.

A partial denture is essential if you have missing natural teeth for several reasons:


1. It enables you to chew your food properly for good digestion.

2. It provides lip and cheek support to prevent a “sunken in” appearance of the   face.

3. It prevents the migration or “drifting” of remaining natural teeth into the empty spaces left by the missing teeth, which results in the “tipping” of teeth and further compounds existing dental problems.

4. It prevents over eruption of teeth.


Renew Denture Cleaner

In our clinic, we are often asked, “what is the best way to clean my dentures?” The product that we have been recommending for over 20 years is Renew Professional Strength Denture Cleaner. Renew is a professional strength product with a proven track record of 30 years. It is manufactured in Canada and is an outstanding product of superior quality, which effectively removes tobacco, coffee, red wine and tea stains; calcium, plaque, tartar and bacteria.

Renew Denture Cleaner is not only used on dentures but also is also safe to use on mouthguards, sport guards, and any other acrylic oral appliances. If you have a soft liner on your denture, Renew is a safe product to use to clean it. We have received such positive feedback from our patients who use Renew and absolutely love it. Many patients who have tried various denture cleaners over the years without success are extremely satisfied with how well Renew cleans their dentures and removes stubborn stains. Since Renew is a professional product, it is not available in stores but is available at our office for purchase.

GC Dry Mouth Gel

If you are a patient suffering from impaired saliva production, GC Dry Mouth Gel can offer an effective solution to ease the symptoms of dry mouth. People suffer from dry mouth due to many reasons, including medications, radiation treatment or diseases damaging the salivary glands. The GC Dry Mouth Gel provides a protective coating for your teeth and oral tissue. The product is pleasant-tasting and sugar-free. A variety of five flavours is available for you to choose from, including mint, raspberry, fruit salad, lemon and orange.

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Our Products

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