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Comprehensive Dental Care Services in Lethbridge

You are never too late to go for a dental check-up, as maintaining a healthy smile is essential regardless of your age. Our teeth need extra care and attention as we age, and Hosack Denture Clinic is willing to offer you complete dental services in Lethbridge. 

With proper care and consistent visits to our dentist, you can maintain optimal oral hygiene and enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile. Whether you need relines, denture repairs, teeth whitening or mouthguard, we can help you with it all. If you want to ask a question or need a service, connect with our team today for a consultation.



Are your dentures loose, painful, and not fitting as they originally did? If so, then it may be time for a reline. Because your gums are constantly changing and your bone shrinks over time, your dentures will require regular maintenance and adjustments to keep them comfortable. 

Relines are recommended for dentures an average of every two or three years and are necessary to improve the fit and function of the existing dentures. The reason for this is due to the naturally changing shape of the bones in the mouth resulting in a denture that does not fit as it initially did. A reline is a simple procedure that involves re-fitting the dentures with new acrylic to make them fit the current shape of your mouth.

Our clinic books relines first thing in the morning. We must keep your denture all day as we are adding new acrylic to it and then deliver it back to you late in the afternoon. As a reline is a new fit, it is customary to expect follow-up adjustment appointments.

To learn more about bone loss, check out our bone resorption section. Click here.

You may need a reline for the following reasons:

  • Tooth loss

  • Upper or lower jaw bone loss

  • Weight loss

  • Sickness or disease

  • General ageing

  • 4-6 months following placement of an immediate/surgical denture

Permanent Soft Liners

Do you have sore gums? Are you struggling with discomfort from a hard denture base? Soft liners provide comfort, relief, and decreased pressure for individuals with severely receded or flat gums. If you have chronic soreness, gums with prominent or sharp bony areas, soft liners act like a cushion that may give the denture wearer some relief and allow for a more comfortable fitting denture. Used mainly for lower dentures, the soft base is a liner that acts like a cushion that is built into your denture. Dentures with soft liner should be checked annually to ensure continued comfort and replace when needed. The soft base has a porous texture, making it more challenging to clean; however, we can recommend effective cleaners.

Here are some indications that you may benefit from a permanent soft liner:

  • Flat or almost flat gum tissue

  • Gums with thin tissues over bony areas

  • Chronically sore gum tissues

Denture Repairs

Accidents happen; if you have dropped your denture, bitten down hard on some food, or you’ve had your dentures for several years, they may have chips, cracks or breaks that require a repair. 

Hosack Denture Clinic has an in-house lab that enables us to repair your denture and have you smiling and, on your way, the same day. All repair work is performed in our in-house lab, so there are no long waits, and generally, we can repair and return your denture to you within a couple of hours.


Custom Fit Your Smile Protection!!

Hosack Denture Clinic believes in making sports activities safer for all. We can construct and fit a custom mouthguard to protect your teeth from injury during sports activities.

What Is a Mouthguard?

A mouthguard is a flexible appliance made from plastic that is worn in the mouth during athletic and recreational activities to safeguard teeth and lips from trauma. It also reduces the intensity of forces severe enough to cause concussions, wounds in the neck and mandibular fractures, which are the most common wounds resulting from team sports and other athletic activities and protects teeth from trauma.

Inserted between the teeth, the mouthguard also prevents the teeth from biting the tongue and cheeks during impact.

A custom-fit mouthguard is more effective in preventing and reducing wounds and protecting the athlete’s dental structure partly because it will not be dislodged in the event of a violent shock. Custom mouthguards allow a greater flow of oxygen which can increase athletic performance. Prefabricated mouthguards can reduce air intake by as much as 25%, which means reduced lung capacity.

Why Are Mouthguards so Important?

A mouthguard is crucial for any athlete as they protect your teeth from potential impact, saving them from breakage and damage. Whether you are a young hockey player or a seasoned athlete, it is important to protect your teeth and jaws. Wearing a mouthguard can also help in the prevention of jaw fractures and concussions. Contact sports players are two times more likely to suffer an injury to teeth, jaws and face without a mouthguard.

Hosack Denture Clinic fabricates custom ProForm Sportsguards. These mouthguards offer the best protection available for athletes without interfering with breathing or speech during play.

Some of the benefits of the ProForm Sportsguard include:

  • Custom made to your mouth only

  • Increased comfort and protection than over the counter guards

  • Can be formed around braces

  • Also protects your lips and cheeks along with your teeth

  • Available in a variety of colours and designs

Which Sports Require Wearing a Mouthguard?

It is advisable for mouthguards to be worn anytime there is a strong chance for contact with other participants or hard surfaces. Players who participate in hockey, basketball, softball, wrestling, soccer, lacrosse, football, rugby, in-line skating and recreational activities like skateboarding can benefit from wearing mouthguards. 

At present, five sports, including boxing, football, ice hockey, men’s and women’s lacrosse and field hockey, require mouthguards during practice and competition at the amateur level.

Teeth Whitening

We understand that the appearance of your smile is just as important to you as your oral health. Having a bright, white smile boosts confidence! For your convenience, we carry professional teeth whitening trays and other similar products.

Professional Ultrasonic Denture Cleaning


When dentures dry out in your mouth during the night, they develop a film of dried saliva, debris and bacteria, which causes odour. So, it is important to disinfect and deodorize your dentures rather than have them. If your dentures already have an odour, another solution is ultrasonic cleaning. Our office can clean your denture ultrasonically to remove heavy staining and tartar. After dentures have been cleaned ultrasonically, the odour is dramatically improved.

For more information on denture cleaning or odour control, or for a complimentary consultation, contact our office at 403-327-7244.

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